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We'd like to thank the following organizations who's sites and involvement in and with the band inspired us to create The Saint Etienne Disco...
We'd like to thank the following individuals who have helped by supplying additions to the site. Without this type of help the site would not be as accurate as it is. If you need to change the credits in anyway please let us know

SaintEtienneDisco 2.0 Crew

Jaime Hernandez
Saintetian (Ian)
Darren Rigby
Mike Harrington
Michael Siou
Paul Dean

SaintEtienneDisco 1.0 Crew

Lluis (Souvenir DJ)

Tommyd (Tom)

Tom Cartman


Steven Kemp

Stuart Willes

Mike XoXo

Norman The Destroyer


Neil in Philly

Tyler Rutt

Robert Steed

Nick, from Euro-HQ October 10th, 2002

Nicola October 12th,2002

Marc De Bruyne October 22nd,2002

Tom Homulka November 24th, 2002

Nick, from Euro-HQ January 16th, 2003

Nick, from Euro-HQ February 19th, 2003

michaelschwenk February 21st,2003

Nick, from Euro-HQ February 21st, 2003

Matt Moss february 22nd, 2003

Daniel Maslovsky May 15th, 2003

Ruediger Wenke June 27th,2003

Ben Lee Dec 25th,2003

Kenny Kao March 11th,2004

Eke May 3rd,2004

margo leadbetter June 12th,2004

Olivier September 26th,2004

R.J. November 24th,2004

R.J. May 23rd,2005

Carlos Padrón June 17,2005

Paul Dean June 20,2005

Christian November 6,2005 and Sřren Binks July 19,2004

R.J. December 03,2005

Anfunny December 4,2005

R.J. January 28,2006

Michael S February 22,2006

Panos from Athens April 18,2006

Hans from Amsterdam April 26,2006

Daniel Maslovsky June 22,2006

Ben Lee January 6,2007

Jon V. Thorsteinsson February 8,2007

Dimitris Fotiadis June 21,2007

mrdisposablerazor January 8, 2008

Dimitris Fotiadis February 8,2008

Olivier Bridoux March 16, 2008

Carlos E. Padron March 17, 2008

Brian Williamson April 15, 2008

S. Messerschmidt June 9, 2008

Colin Maclaughlin Sept 27, 2008

JAMIESTUART Feb 18, 2009

mrdisposablerazor July 8, 2009

Ola Andersson July 28, 2009

Enrico Zollfrank September 25, 2009

Alexander Golob July 28, 2010

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