Podcast: Dusk Dubs
Artist: Saint Etienne
Title: DD0418
Style: Jazz, Soul, Ambient
Time: 52 minutes
Date: 2017-06-04

Dusk Dubs returns with another incredible journey through sounds. As always, our guest provides us with music that memories and in their souls. Music that moves them, that invokes images of sunrises, sunsets, good times and good people. We then play each record, in full, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.

This week, Saint Etienne

1. Can – Future Days

Possibly my favourite Can song with its hypnotic sparse one note bass line and infectious vocal line. I often put this on if my brain’s feeling frazzled.

2. Ennio Morricone – In Un Sogno Il Sogna

Always liked Morricone’s soundtracks but became more hooked when the Mondo Morricone compilations came out in the 90’s. This sounds like a sunset to me.

3. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Ballade de Melody Nelson

I’d usually listen to the whole album in one go but still haven’t worked out what the story is. Jean Claude Vannier’s arrangement on this is perfect.

4.Brenda Lee Eager – When I’m With You

This and ‘There Ain’t No Way’ are two of my all time favourite soul records, was torn between which one to include. Love the dense Larry Mizell production on this.

5. Archie Shepp – Blues for Brother George Jackson

I’m not usually one for free jazz sax outpourings but the combination of groove and emotion on this record is electrifying

6. Harpers Bizarre – Witchi Tai To

Adapted from a native American peyote chant, this song seems to embody the feeling of being surrounded by good friends and people you love.

7. Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band – Floating

The love-in continues with this gem from the Byg label

8. Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free

I love the poignancy of Robert Wyatt’s voice (can’t listen to Matching Mole’s ‘O Caroline’ without welling up) this is a beautiful cover of the Chic song.

9. Richie Havens – For Haven’s Sake

Don’t be put off by the daft pun title, this is Havens at his psychedelic best - I’m a sucker for dubbed up backwards tape effects. From his great album ‘1983’ which I don’t think anyone has re-issued yet.

10. My Heart Isn’t Only Mine – Tujiko Noriko

This 14 minute epic is a thing of fragile beauty, took me a few plays before I fell in love with it but has become one of my most listened to tracks of the last couple of years.