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Hi Josh

It Records was started by Tris Penna who used to be at Parlophone EMI. The label was originally due to be put through Polydor but things changed when Universal took over that company. Anyway Tris is also managing director of RUG which is owned by Lloyd Webber so that is the connection there. But the label is an independent going through Vital in the U.K. Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne used to help in an A and R kind of role for the label although he does not anymore. I hope this makes things a little clearer

Marianne Faithful-Vagabond Ways (ITR1) Details

Birdie-Some Dusty (ITR2) Details

My Life Story-Joined Up Talking (ITR3) Details

Icebreaker International-Trein Maersk (ITR4) Details

Birdie-Triple Echo (ITR5) Details

My Life Story-It's A Girl Thing (ITR001) Details

Birdie-Folk Singer (ITR002) Details

My Life Story-Empire Line (ITR003) Details

Birdie-Let Her Go (ITR004) Details

Marianne Faithful-Electra (ITR005) Details

Saint Mark-New Years Day (ITR006) Details

My Life Story-Walk/Don't Walk (ITR007) Details

Saint Mark My Brother's A Dj (ITR008) Details

Birdie-Such A Sound (ITR009) Details

Icebreaker International-Port of Yokohama (ITR010) Details

Birdie-Sidewalk (ITR011) Details

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