June 2002 and the doors to the Saint Etienne Disco open. The most extensive Saint Etienne Discography found on the web. Every item includes both picture and info if possible. All items are placed based on time period and catalog number. So if you don't see it at first please do look around. Its probably logically buried somewhere. We'd like to thank Saint Etienne and all the Saint Etienne Fans for making this site possible. Please feel free to contact us with info that is missing from this site and we will add it in. Please also contact us to challenge any of the information you find in this site. We want it to be as accurate as possible. Please contact josh@saintetiennedisco.com with additions.

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2018 News


January 11, 2018


Saint Etienne Double Bill

This Is Tomorrow & What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day

Regent Street Cinema, London, UK

January 24, 2018

Double bill of Saint Etienne films, made with director Paul Kelly. Both the director and Saint Etienne members Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley will take part in a Q&A hosted by Travis Elborough. The first 30 people through the door on the night will also receive a special gift.



Details from Heavenly Films

January 10, 2018


Bob Stanley will be djing at the Recordsville 60's Social Charity Weekend (Jessie's Fund) happening on June 2 and 3, 2018 at the Old Clubhouse, Water St, Buxton, UK


January 9, 2018

When The Day Is Done - The Orchestrations Of Robert Kirby CD compiled by Bob Stanley and issued on Ace Records on February 28, 2018. Pre-order from Ace Records here.

Ace Records

January 7, 2018

The disco has just completed a significant update/overhaul to the Compiling, Liner Note Production and Mixtapes Section

We have added a significant number of items including Mixes/Mixtapes to the section. The overhaul coincides with the release of the 3 CD set Am I Dreaming which was recently released by RPM/Cherry Red Records

Feel free to connect if there is anything missing.


January 5, 2018

20 years this year


Good Humor Section



January 1, 2018

Happy New year. Big Milestone for the Saint Etienne Disco today. With the help of the fans and the Internet the Disco has sketched out a rough timeline for the band from 1990-2017 for concerts, movies, and Djing events. Yes, hard to believe, that is 28 years of history. It can be found in the Timelines/Concerts Section of the web. There will be gaps and if you are interested in filling any of those gaps feel free to connect with us via the email address above or through the facebook group.




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