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2021 News
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June 14, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - New Addition

1993 Setlist for the show at the Forum (Kentish Town) on December 9th. With Special Guests Stereolab & Djs Bob Stanley and David Holmes.

Thanks to Richard Parker for sharing this item with the fans.



1993 Timeline


Saint Etienne Timeline

June 13, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - New News

A new compilation Choctaw Ridge - New Fables From The American South 1968-1973 will be released on July 30, 2021 on Ace Records.

The compilation was compiled by Martin Green and Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley.

June 8, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - New Addition

Train Driver in Eyeliner - Nick Sanderson Revisited - The Earl Brutus Cover Versions Cassette which was released this year and included the Saint Etienne cover of Midland Red has been added into the Compilations Section of the Discography.




June 6, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - New Addition

Twenty four years later a promo cassette released in 1997 via Gut Records surfaces in the discography for the Goldie single. Did anyone ever own a non-promo cassette for Goldie? Rumours are that one exists but it hasn't been confirmed?

Promo Cassette


Goldie Section


Sarah Cracknell Singles

June 5, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - Unboxing

In 2020 Ace Records released the compilation Cafe Exil - New Adventures In European Music on CD and record. The CD is fully unboxed here for the first time. The CD was compiled by Bob Stanley and Jason Wood.



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June 4, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - Unboxing

In 2004 RPM Records, a division of Cherry Red Records, re-issued Madeline Bell's album Bell's A Poppin on CD with extra tracks. The CD is fully unboxed here for the first time. The CD was Produced by Bob Stanley, Alec Palao, and Mark Stratford.



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June 3, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - Unboxing

In 2002 Castle Music, a sublabel of Sanctuary Records, released the compilation Joe Meek The Alchemist Of Pop - Home Made Hits & Rarities 1959-1966. Sanctuary Records went on to issue Saint Etienne's Tales From Turnpike House in 2006. The 2 CD set is fully unboxed here for the first time. The compilation was compiled with special thanks to Bob Stanley.



Compilations Index

June 2, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update - Unboxing

In 2006 Bob Stanley compiled and annotated Early Morning Hush Notes From The Uk Folk Underground 1969-1976. The CD was issued on Castle Music, a sublabel of Sanctuary Records. Sanctuary Records had issued Saint Etienne's Tales From Turnpike House in 2006. The CD is fully unboxed here for the first time.



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May 15, 2021

Happy Birthday Pete Wiggs

Photo by John Stoddart

May 7, 2021

Silver Discs

A Where It's At Is Where You Are Quadranscentennial

Wiaiwya turns 25, so the label is doing 25 lathe cuts, each in an edition of 25. Saint Etienne's Steeplechase from the 2012 Olympic CD - It's The Taking Part That Counts - will be released on a special 10 inch vinyl record (one of the 25) to celebrate the milestone.

Both the new 10 Inch and the CD from 2012 are logged in the Compilations section of the website.

Full details on WIAIWYA 25th anniversary releases can be found on the label's Bandcamp site.





April 22, 2021

Train Driver In Eyeliner - Nick Sanderson Revisited

You can hear the cassette now on Soundcloud.

The cassette has sold out with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK

Side 1


Side 2


Industrial Coast Order

April 12, 2021

Happy Birthday Sarah Cracknell

April 7, 2021

Train Driver In Eyeliner - Nick Sanderson Revisited - The Earl Brutus Cover Versions

"Looking out the window of a train is the only time I feel really relaxed."

Nick Sanderson was a train driver. He wore eyeliner. On April 22nd 2021 he should have been 60 years old.

A lighting conductor of creative disturbance, as frontman of the legendary Earl Brutus, Nick knew all about the strange and inescapable ambiguities of the British condition.

Train Driver in Eyeliner is a Memorial Device that remembers him in all his genius and life-force, a collection of 19 Earl Brutus Greats, specially recorded by friends, family and fanatics including Saint Etienne, the Jesus & Mary Chain's Jim Reid, Luke Haines Surrey Wrecking Crew, plus Nick's wife and son Romi and Syd, Earl Brutus bandmates and spiritual glam rock peers Giuda.

It's all available as a limited-edition cassette, a medium that is both retrospective and incredible futuristic - like the life and times of Nick himself. Cassettes can be pre-ordered (see link) for delivery on Nick's 60th Birthday, 22nd April 2021.

All profits for this release will be donated to Cancer Research UK

Industrial Coast Order



April 2, 2021

Excavate... a new book about The Fall by Tessa Norton and Bob Stanley.

It's out today via Faber and Faber and available here:

Excavate (see Apr 2 Photo)


March 29, 2021

Yeah Yeah Yeah - Help Needed

Based on the interest of a number of Saint Etienne Discoers we have started to try to log all the 7 Inches and CD Compilations that were included with the Yeah Yeah Yeah Deluxe Edition Box Sets in 2013 and 2014 time period.

If you purchased a Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition, Ultra Deluxe Edition or a USA Deluxe Edition. Can you help us fill in some of the blanks? Please send any info, scans, notes from Bob Stanley, etc to

The link to the right will take you to what has been logged so far.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Discography

March 27, 2021

Saint Etienne Concert History

Thirty years ago today, Sarah Cracknell's first concert with Saint Etienne. They opened for World Of Twist at the London Astoria. Icerink outfit Sensuround were also on the bill. Wow. Where does time go?

Melody Maker clipping courtesy Of Discoer Andrew B

Melody Maker Ad


1991 Timeline

March 13, 2021

Saint Etienne Discography Update

Twenty seven years later and a Tiger Bay Cassette pressing from Israel appears. The cassette has been logged in the Tiger Bay section of the Discography



Tiger Bay Section

March 1, 2021

The Quietened Dream Palace

A Year In The Country released the compilation entitled The Quietened Dream Palace on November 17th, 2020. There are a few remaining copies left of this limited edition compilation to purchase from the projects website

The Quietened Dream Palace is an exploration of closed down cinemas, including those which have been abandoned, become derelict, reopened as something new or demolished and there is little or no trace of any more

The compilation features a track Minors Club by Pete Wiggs and James Papademetrie's side project The Seance

The compilation has been logged in the Side Projects section of this site

Order The Quietened Dream Palace


Side Projects


Feb 24, 2021

New Album

Saint Etienne have commented via Instagram that they are aiming for their new album to be available for pre-order in June 2021.

Feb 06, 2021

Oblivion River

Oblivion River was the project of Mick Bund and Sarah Cracknell in the mid eighties

Turtle Breeder Fanzine was issued from 1986 to 1989 and was put together by Lee McFadden, Dez Innocent, and Paul Lemmon.

Turtle Breeder Fanzine Issue 1 was released in October 1986 and included a concert review of Oblivion River who had opened up for Felt at the Windsor Arts' Centre. It also included an interview with Mick Bund. Both written by Dez Innocent

Thanks to Lee McFadden for sharing these photos with us.

Zine Excerpt


Sarah Cracknell Other Projects


Sarah Cracknell Timeline

Feb 02, 2021


The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall

Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley and Tessa Norton announce details of their new book about the Fall which will be released on April 1st 2021. Excavate! is a definitive insight into the ever-influential world of Mark E. Smith and the Fall, featuring never-before published essays and ephemera from fans, collectors and the artist and band themselves.

Cover Photo

Feb 01, 2021

Saint Etienne Disco Site Update

In January 2021, year long renovations were finally completed on the Saint Etienne Disco site. Take alook around to see whats new and what has changed if you haven't stopped by recently.

  • New look and feel throughout the site.

  • Updated Site Index on the main page of the site

  • All Record Jackets, if available, updated with larger clear scans throughout the site

  • Text was increased in size throughout the site for easy reading and accessibility

  • The information section was expanded to includes a new map section, and a updated evolving section on bands connected to Saint Etienne (e.g. Birdie, Cola Boy, Icerink bands)

  • An evolving site feature has been started in the album section called the Players which attempts to give a sense of who all the individuals credited on each album are. Foxbase Alpha and So Tough are live. Ongoing work will be done on the rest and noted here in the news section when added

  • The indexes for Albums, Greatest Hits-Compilations, and Fanclub Releases have been updated to make it easier to view each item by country and time frame within the new streamlined indexes


Jan 29, 2021

New Album - On Its Way

Saint Etienne Disco January 3, 2020: "Happy new year Saint Etienne Disco!! We hope everyone had a great Christmas!! A quick note to let you know that recording is underway for a new album - hopefully this year. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Lots of love Bob, Pete and Sarah xx"

We Are Cult September 9, 2020: Interview with Bob: "A new Saint Etienne album is "pretty much finished and out next April."

Saint Etienne via Instagram: Jan 29, 2021 expect a new album from saintetienne this year

Something to get excited about.

Jan 24, 2021

Aspect Ratio - a Saint Etienne playlist by Pete Wiggs

Pete Wiggs: A selection of cinematic sounds from the Saint Etienne catalogue, close your eyes and let the pictures come to you! Follow the link in the bio and listen now. We'll be updating this playlist over the coming months as more songs come to spotify, or we think of different songs to include.

Saint Etienne: Pete has put together a cinematic St Et playlist on Spotify. Suits the weather.

Playlist details have been added to the Mixtapes Mixes Playlists section of the Discography

Saint Etienne Spotify


Mixtapes Mixes Playlists

Jan 23, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Amidst challenging times there is some good news for Saint Etienne fans. A new album is on the way soon, Nothing Can Stop Us turns 30 this spring and Foxbase Alpha turns thirty this fall. Keep an eye on this news section for regular updates as they are received.

Stay Safe
The Disco

Jan 19, 2021

Debsey Wykes - Dolly Mixture News

Just a heads up that they are pressing up more copies of the Dolly Mixture Demonstration Tapes - A Double Album and it can be pre-ordered via their Greedbag site. Originally in 2019 it was issued on black and red vinyl around Christmas time. This time its issued on black or pink vinyl.




Jan 12, 2021

Saint Etienne Disco Addition

The Christmas Fanclub releases have been unboxed and added to the Discography. They included black and coloured vinyl pressings of More Words And Music by Saint Etienne and a Saint Etienne Xmas 2020 CD Christmas Card.

More Words And Music


Xmas 2020

Jan 11, 2021

Saint Etienne Disco Addition

The knowledge of a rare promo cassette for Pale Movie issued by Heavenly on 1994 was recently unearthed and has been added to the singles section of the Disco. It features 4 mixes of Pale Movie and a B-side.

Promo Cassette


EPs And Singles

Jan 7, 2021

Saint Etienne Disco Addition

Interesting enough Saint Etienne have compiled many compilations from 1994 till now. Every so often an unknown compilation will pop up on the radar which has remained hidden to the majority of the fans.

The Essential Love Songs of Burt Bacharach is one of those compilations which was released in 2013 on Spectrum Music, a sub-label of Universal Music. The CD is compiled and sequenced by Bob Stanley. The sleevenotes are written by Bob also.

Interesting enough Bob and Pete were to release Paradise Island: the lost Burt Bacharach on their Eclipse label in 2009 but it never saw the day of light. Wondering if there is a connection to this release.

Thanks to Discoer Paul W who flagged this one for the Discography.



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