Archived News 2003

December 20th. 2003

Brand new CD issued at the 2 England concerts called Xmas 2003. It was given out for free and features 3 new Christmas tracks performed by the band. Now selling for crazy amounts on ebay unfortunately and the band has not offered other methods of obtaining one. Features the tracks Come On Christmas, Snow and Marcie Dreams Of Deptford. Issued on Heavenly records. Check out the ep discography on this site for a picture and more details

December 10th. 2003

New Dream Babes Vol.5 Folkrock 'n' Faithfull was just released. The CD was compiled by Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne and was issued on RPM records out of the UK. Check out the Writing/Production section of this site for details.

September 28th. 2003

Great new forum created by J.Hamilton for Saint Etienne fans to hang out in and message about their favourite band Saint Etienne.... Check out the links section for a link to this great online forum

Rumour is Sarah Cracknell is working on a new solo CD right now.

August 17th. 2003

All silent in the Saint Etienne camp

July 3rd, 2003

Sarah Cracknell sings vocals on a song by Norwegian band Xploding Plastix called Sunset Spirals. The song is available on CDEP and has been released by Sony Norway. At this point it is fairly difficult to track this CD down which was released this week (July 1st) in Norway only. Happy hunting. The track will be included on their full length CD called The Donca Matic Singalongs to be released later this year.

Please note the scan of the CDEP and its info have been added to the Sarah Cracknell section of this site...CHECK IT OUT:)

June 4th, 2003

Volume four of the Dream Babes compilation series has been released in England and to my knowledge was once again compiled by Bob Stanley. For more details check out the Writing/Production section for picture and info

June 3rd, 2003

We are back up and running.....

May 12th 2003

Rumour is that Mantra has dumped Saint Etienne off their label. Saint Etienne released 2 full length albums, and 6 singles through the label.

March 17th 2003

Soft Like Me is released on 7 Inch and 2xCD in the UK...the 12 Inch has been cancelled. One new song Gimp Crisis which hasn't been available is on the back of the 7 inch. Check the discography for all track details.

February 26th 2003

Added the artwork for the dbl CD set of Soft Like Me due to be released on March 17th in 12 Inch, 7 Inch, 2xCD format

February 19th 2003

The promo CD copies of Soft Like Me are now floating around out there...check the scan courtesy of Nick from Euro-HQ in the singles section

January 26th 2003

New UK 2 part CD single is out for Soft Like Me on March 17th and will include new tracks and new mixes. Rumour is that the 2 tracks on the Shower Scene ep out of Spain will be included in the package

January 16th 2003

Picture of the Shower Scene CDEP out of Spain has been added to the website thanks to Nick from Euro-HQ

December 28th 2002

The Shower Scene CD single has 2 extra tracks that have not been released. The CD has been issued in Spain only. CD has been added to the discography...

December 05 2002

Only Love Will Break Your Heart 12 Inch Reissued by Sony out of the UK on their Vinyl Junkie Imprint(find the info in the singles section under Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Rerelease) UK section....

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